Medical Marijuana business consulting

Based in Montreal, Kaya Technologies was founded to nurture legal marijuana operations and is committed to promoting best practices in the industry. We support our clients in developing bespoke business strategies based on models that we have already applied and consistently upgrade in Canada and the U.S.

Our group specializes in indoor marijuana cultivation consulting and we offer solutions for design, build out, and implementation of commercial cultivation facilities. Through comprehensive training and tools, we also help our clients optimize their cultivation facilities, by maximising their crop yield, product superiority and returns on investment.

The approach at Kaya Technologies is guided by practical methodologies, industry best practices, adherence to laws, environment friendly solutions and community welfare. We are here to help the businesses that will continue to evolve in their field and improve legal marijuana production.

With over 15 years of experience working with medicinal marijuana, our professionals are passionate about sharing their knowledge and experience to cultivate this plant for positive use.

Our Values:

kaya values_1


We have triumphed over huge operational challenges for the progress of legal cannabis movement. Each member of the Kaya team stands by its business ethics that include:

  • Total compliance with federal, province/state and local laws
  • Spreading knowledge instead of just building a brand
  • Staying agile to meet changing needs of clients
  • Creating value for the community

To know more about our marijuana consulting and training services, feel free to call on 1-800-862-9390 or send an email at