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Marijuana Cultivation

Our practical experience in growing legal marijuana has given us the knowledge and skills to help your business in successful cultivation of this medically valuable plant. We will guide you for the success of your commercial marijuana cultivation process and will work to ensure the seamless growth of your business.

The training methodology at Kaya Technologies includes teaching through custom manuals, supplemental materials and on-site guidance.

Cannabis or marijuana plant is pretty unique and evidently more complex to grow than other crops. This is why deployment of right procedures is important to ensure that your investment yields good results. With our training services you can make the entire process manageable and even. Our professionals will also help you in mitigating the risks in  marijuana  cultivation.

Kaya Technologies assists you on the factors that are integral to success of this agricultural project. These include:

  • Facility design
  • Equipment purchase
  • Strain picking
  • Soil selection and nutrient profiles
  • Water and lighting
  • Irrigation
  • Environment management
  • Pest control measures
  • Harvesting procedures and further workflow

Indoor Cultivation – A New Approach

At Kaya Technologies we specialize in indoor marijuana growing and our experts have developed some of the finest grow rooms to provide optimum environment for cultivation of this plant. We will help you to craft nature indoors and develop technically refined cultivation rooms for successful cultivation of marijuana.

To know more about cannabis cultivation services and to partner with us for organized training sessions, feel free to call Kaya Technologies on 1-800-862-9390.