Samples of medical marijuana are displayed at Canna Care in Sacramento, Calif. The evangelical medical marijuna supplier is in a public battle with the IRS over a nearly $900,000 tax penalty. The dispensary is shown in August 2009. (Paul Kitagaki Jr./Sacramento Bee/MCT)

Sales Tax Proposed on Medical Marijuana In California

California has the oldest medical marijuana program in the US and this is the state that voted to legalize medical marijuana in the year 1996. Also, California is home to the largest medical marijuana industry in America and following this one thing that everyone anticipated was a medical marijuana sales tax. The same has been finally introduced in the state which is expected to result in a 15% sales tax. As per reports, California would levy a 15 percent tax on all the medical marijuana sales in order to enforce new regulations and pay for state programs along with rehabilitation and parks under. All this has been implemented under a bill introduced by the concerned authorities.


Australia Looks to Legalize Medicinal Cannabis

Australian authorities are seeking to legalize the cultivation of medicinal cannabis in order to supply the local patients in need of the green drug. The nation even aims at successfully creating an export industry to have a strong foot hold in the booming global demand for the drug to treat chronic pain and many other problems. No wonder, Australia is already one of the world’s biggest exporters of the raw ingredients for painkillers. The initiative is followed by the similar moves by concerned authorities in Canada and over 23 US states, four of which have already also legalized the recreational use of cannabis. As per a recent report, the legal sales of medical and recreational marijuana in US alone were estimated at US$2.7bn in 2014.


Will 2016 Be A Big Year for Medical Marijuana

No surprise, 2015 was a pretty amazing year for progress and development in the legalization of medical marijuana. A plethora of states globally have already legalized recreational marijuana, while many states have decriminalized it and several more states plan to approve medical marijuana. However, of all the advances made in the year 2015, the year is believed to be a run up for 2016. this very year, the presidential elections are also expected to be accompanied by a ramp up in legalization.

There is a comprehensive debate on the legalization of medical marijuana and for all good reasons. In many of the states, this would also allow states to legalize the medical marijuana without federal interference which at times restrict the legalisation process. It is also imprtant to eliminate the numerous barriers to research and allow organizations to deal with marijuana cultivation  companies. People do believe and expect that the support will continue to grow for the various authorities. Access to medical marijuana and banking for the medical marijuana businesses must be taken into note.

When it comes to legalizing of maerijuana, more and more people are moving towards its support so that the people in need can be benefited. No matter, the whole process is a complex tast and will take a lot of time.


The Marijuana Market: Everybody Craving for A Piece

At regular intervals of time throughout the year, every industry takes time out to get its ranks to monitor its progress and show off new products. And so is the global medical cannabis industry which is leaving no stone unturned to show the best to the world. Most of the companies are planning to show how their products can play a great part in the weed world. The designers and rolling paper manufacturers are focused on displaying info and products from various companies with more serious gear.

Most of the companies these days talk about bud-friendly fertilizers, greenhouse components, indoor growing equipment and  air-tight jars to store the weed. When medical marijuana was legalized for the recreational use of marijuana, most of the growers were approached by few third parties that were offering to buy chunks of the business. However, it didn’t take long before the companies decided to turn away such buyout offers and start growing the marijuana themselves.

Most of the marijuana companies are these days redesigning or redeploying the offered products and technology in the belief that that deregulation of the substance will ultimately continue. Looking at the constant growth of the company, everyone is quite focused on getting involved in the business and sharing a good part in the manufacturing process.


The 5 States That May Legalize Cannabis in The Us

In the United States the year 2016 can be an important one for medical marijuanaa herb that has been the issue of much debate and controversy since 1996.

The federal government is not in a hurry to alter its long stand opinion on the drug but President Obama has stayed neutral on the issue. He has indeed opined that the best way to get Congress to take action is through the continually legalize marijuana throughout the United States. California has medical approval for marijuana and according to legal experts, the five states that may get this approval next are Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina and Ohio.


Move to Organic Cannabis for Improved Yield

Legalization of Cannabis has given rise to the farming of organic Cannabis at a large scale. Many small-scale investors have started investing in Cannabis cultivation majorly for medical usage.

One of the major concern of the commercial farmers is that organic cultivation will not provide the desirable yield. However, this is not necessarily the case—and in fact, if all conditions are optimum, you may be able to achieve higher yields than if using conventional methods.

Catalyst and fertilizers can spice up the yield

With the help of commercially available catalysts and advanced fertilizers and additives, a lot of improvement can be made in the yield of the product.


One major new innovation in organic growing is the development of “super-soil”—a growing medium that has been painstakingly tweaked in order to contain exactly what cannabis needs to grow in abundance, without the need for fertiliser. With this method, you can give your plants nothing but water and achieve incredible results.

The best way to get the best result is to educate one self and take the aid of professional help available. Kaya Consulting is one such Cannabis Business Consulting firm which has earned accolades via providing the guidance and required assistance to a string of successful commercial cultivators of varied business sizes.


Caring for Indoor Medical Cannabis Cultivation

Growing marijuana indoors has its set of benefits. When thriving in a covered facility, your plants are safe from the extremities of weather and changes in temperature.

To maximize the utility of growing space, it is desirable to grow bushy marijuana plants. This can be achieved by reducing the distance between nodes and promoting lateral growth. The distance between the nodes basically implies the distance between the base of the leaf stems on the plant. The bigger the distance between the leaves, the more trim and frail a plant will look. And you will not want frail plants.

A cannabis plant that grown to be tall and thin may not be able to support the heavy buds that you need to have as per your production plans. You will need to spend more efforts on supporting a thin plant or else you may lose buds if the stems break. Furthermore, a stretched plant can start growing too close towards the grow lights installed near them. This can lead to other problems – for instance, the extreme exposure can burn the top of plants and the leaves at the lower end will get less of light. Such problems tend to damage the health of cannabis plant, and that implies a poor yield.

Using the right approach to make your plants bushy is important from the earliest stage. But if you are already facing the problem of stretched plants, it is advisable to carefully prune them. Seeking the help of medical marijuana business consulting professionals is good to get fruitful results.


Marijuana For Chronic Pain Relief

While the debate over the legalization of medical marijuana is heating up across the global boundaries, several patients have found a sustainable way to cure their chronic pain. As per a Canadian research team, three puffs a day of cannabis can help people with chronic nerve pain and is also found to make the surgeries a lot less painful.

Public opinion over the usage of marijuana is sharply divided. While some consider it unfit and uncompassionate to use it for the medicinal purposes, others have been vigorously substituting the main stream medication with this potent herb to aid their healing process. Vaporized marijuana has been used to ease the HIV patients from pain. Legal medical marijuana has been reported to reduce pain in people suffering from spinal cord and other similar conditions. Pot’s Champions swear it peels back layers of intense pain which is otherwise incurable or take much time. An ultimate solution, vaporized marijuana has been seen as the perfect agent to cure the different levels of neuropathic pain, irrespective of the causes. Although there are cases where the patients prefer to smoke the ingredient, the vaporized one is regarded to be safest for the medicinal purposes.

Several countries have been joining the drive to legalize marijuana for the medical purposes which is paving path for greater use of the drug to aid patients in their healing journey.


Cannabis Science: Experiencing Rebirth

The demand for licit usage of Cannabis has been crawling up. Defying the Reefer madness which claimed Marijuana as a harmful drug with no medical value, the science of Cannabis has been experiencing rebirth with increasing number of countries legalizing the usage of Marijuana for the medial purposes.

Medical properties spiking up the demand for Cannabis Cultivation

Burgeoning numbers of patients have been using Cannabis as a potent tonic to cure pain, stimulate appetite, aid sleep and fight all kinds of stress and shocks. Consequently the demand for the safe use of cannabis has peaked creating a lot of scope for the Cannabis Cultivation. Various compounds found n the plant helps miraculously in regulating various vital body functions which includes boosting the immune system, protecting the brain from traumatic stress, curing the chronic pain and muscular cramps in the patients.

The apparent rush to involve the drug into the mainstream medical science and to regulate and legalize it has triggered Cannabis farming which is done under the controlled and supervised conditions. It is usually cultivated to treat serious medical conditions.  People have been seen investing largely in the cultivation of Cannabis due to its growing popularity in the medical processes.

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Studies Suggest Obesity can be reduced by Legalizing Cannabis

A study conducted by the researchers at Cornell University and San Diego State University got their study – The Effect of Medical Marijuana Laws on body Weight – published in the latest issue of Health Economics. According to it, medical marijuana law induced increases in physical mobility could be relatively important. And it makes sense because medical cannabis is used to treat chronic pain, and in turn, reduced pain results in improved mobility.

The findings of study show that the enforcement of medical cannabis laws is linked to 3.1% reduction in the probability of alcohol consumption and 4.8% reduction in probability of binge drinking. In case of younger individuals, the study points to this group to substitute alcohol with marijuana – this will reduce the high caloric intake that comes with drinking.

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