Canada Soon To Legalize Cannabis Nationally

The newly elected Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau has promised to act quickly on the countrywide legalization of marijuana for general (including recreational) purposes. This will make Canada the first G-20 country to end marijuana prohibition on a national scale.

The anticipated legalization has been made possible by the fact that medical cannabis is legal in Canada for some ailments since 2001. Having laid the groundwork to grow, process and sell the drug for medicinal uses for quite some time, the country will transit smoothly to nationwide legalization even for recreational marijuana.


Cannabis Investors Blooming Way Faster Than the Deals

The growth and expansion of the global marijuana industry might have become a bit slow, but that is surely not stopping the millions of investor dollars revolving around the sector. Many marijuana experts have forecasted that legal marijuana sales could hit eight billion dollars by the end of year 2019.

Many of the states are mentioned for their regular struggles with regulating the cannabis industry that has resulted in the closings of many dispensaries worldwide. Many states ware even noted for their delays in instituting their medical marijuana programs and reforms in front of the governing authorities. The strategy for the investment firms is to get in early in the market and establish themselves as the experts in the field so that they can attain a strong foothold in the market.

All of the investment money that is chasing small businesses is reminiscent of the modern era and even the current industry mood where start-ups are looking for funding. Most of the investor groups are completely focused on the viability and future of their companies. As per experts, there are some excellent investment opportunities, but all it will take is time to find them. The financiers are even pulling in big money and scouring the field for good investments.


Medical Cannabis Gets Immense Support from South Australian Voters

Over 90 per cent of South Australians have voted in favour of legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes in a recent survey conducted by a popular research institute. The Federal Government is believed to gearing up to allow growth of commercial medicinal cannabis crops. This is being excessively supported to favour the introduction of cannabis-based medicines which can be legally prescribed to patients with some serious illnesses. Not surprisingly, majority of the supporters are aged over 50 years as this group is most susceptible to many reifies that only medicinal marijuana can provide. The NSW Government is soon preparing to run a thread of medical marijuana clinical trials for patients with serious illnesses.


Legalization of Cannabis Likely to Draw U.S Investment Boom to Canada

As per many recent reports, the soft laws on medical marijuana consumption in Canada have already started drawing American investment north and the early trends are expected to further fuel it. This is likely to get much better once the federal Liberals make best on their promise to allow recreational and medical use of the drug by patients. Most of the investors believe that Canada is on the top of their interest so that they can participate in the growth of medical cannabis sector in the country. The basic reason why American institutional investors are looking for investing in Canadian cannabis market is that they want to avoid sinking their money into companies that could be shut down by U.S. federal authorities.


Medical Marijuana Consumers Could Help Explore Its Risks and Benefits

The number of Canadians approved to utilize medicinal cannabis has soar, even as restorative specialists caution that insufficient is thought about its dangers and advantages. Presently, some are calling for scientists to take advantage of that developing pool of clients to answer some of those questions. The CMA says not much is known in regards to the impacts of medicinal weed, the communications in the middle of pot and different drugs, or how to recommend a suitable measurement. It prompts specialists they are not committed to compose cannabis medicines for patients.

That is creating dissatisfaction for a few individuals with therapeutic conditions who need the choice of utilizing medical cannabis as opposed to different sorts of doctor prescribed medications. Government rules for the restorative utilization of pot are laid out in Health Canada’s Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR) and state obviously that solutions may be composed just by a doctor or attendant professional; that medical cannabis must only be acquired through an authorized maker, and just as dried plant material; and that it can’t be sold through a storefront or retail outlets.

Presently some are stating that concentrating on this developing base of medical cannabis clients could be the route for the medicinal group to fill crevices in our comprehension of its dangers and advantages.


Cannabis Legalization Can Bring Jobs and Billions in Tax

Recent studies have shown that legalization of marijuana in more provinces of Canada can help the weed to become an industry bigger than forestry. Besides creating record number of jobs, the legalization can bring in new tax revenue streams amounting to billions. Coupled with this, due to legal availability of marijuana, there will be reduced judicial costs for the overburdened judiciary of the country.


Colorado wants to emphasize on organic marijuana

In the US, the state of Colorado has proposed some new rules that would cut down on the number of pesticides permitted for growing marijuana crops. They will be reduced to 75 from 200. The ones that will be allowed are least detrimental and already allowed by federal regulators for use on common food and tobacco crops. This proposal was issued in the last week of September 2015, according to the Denver Post.


Cannabis Oil to be Available for Registered Patients

Many of Canada’s medical cannabis producers are ready to release marijuana oils for patients who are permitted to use the weed but not comfortable with smoking or taking it in vaporized form to relieve their symptoms. It was in July that Health Canada gave cultivators the permission to start producing the plant-based extracts. Around 12 of the country’s 25 medicinal marijuana growers sought expanded licences to cultivate and market cannabis oils and/or fresh marijuana buds and leaves under the new federal regulations. The names from Ontario include Tweed and Bedrocan Canada Inc., and B.C.’s Tilray.

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Cultivating Cannabis For Business

Cannabis cultivation has been a topic of debate for a long time, and mostly the case has been against marijuana farming for obvious reasons. However, cultivation of marijuana for medical purposes, under controlled & supervised conditions is allowed and legal in some parts of the world. Marijuana has been found to useful in the treatment of some diseases and in some cases at least in the improvement of symptoms. It is seen as potentially useful in treatment of muscle spasms, poor appetite, weight loss, nausea, cancer, multiple sclerosis, nerve pain, seizure, improve symptoms.

Cultivation of marijuana for these specific reasons should be done under and with expert supervision. Experts in this domain can provide in depth specialized know how in designing & constructing a state of the art facility that adheres to the stringent statutory guidelines, that come with the sensitivity of the subject. At the same time, these experienced experts would also ensure optimum yields with highest quality standards of the produce while still keeping it a commercially viable investment for you as a business. It’s a tightrope walk that you as an aspiring business can successfully attempt with the help & guidance of thoroughly professional consultants who know their job.


Public weighs in on new Minnesota medical marijuana program at Moorhead meeting

On Tuesday, September 15, the focus from the public at the Minnesota Department of Health Office of Medical Cannabis meeting was on the Moorhead dispensary. Opening up the program to more conditions was also a topic of discussion. And the community got its say for medical marijuana in Minnesota. One of the eight dispensaries will now be located in Moorhead. All dispensaries need to be opened by July 2016.

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