Legislators in California Pass Medical Cannabis Regulation

To regulate the state’s medical marijuana industry for the first time since it started under the 1966 Compassionate Use Act, California legislators have passed a package of bills. Under this package, patients will need a doctor’s recommendation for legal purchase of medicinal marijuana but will have access to quality products from accredited stores.


Choosing the Perfect Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Undoubtedly, marijuana dispensaries are one of the safest and convenient ways to purchase marijuana for medical purpose. However, it is quite challenging to understand what to expect from it when entering for the first time? Here, let’s briefly discuss how a dispensary works and what all procedures one needs to go through when visiting for the first time. Just remember, most of the dispensaries just sell creams, tonics and edible items.

Entering the Dispensary

Once you locate a nearby dispensary, make sure to collect all the required recommendations from a certified healthcare provider as without this, you would not be allowed to purchase anything. Most dispensaries even restrict entry if proper paperwork is not produced. A form of a valid ID is a mandate at every dispensary.

Purchasing Process

A staff member is always present to assist the visitors and give them a better understanding of their personal needs. They even help the visitors to decide on the best strain of marijuana for their body, the correct dosage needed as per the medical condition and prescription and products that will help in providing adequate relief.

Do remember that not all states have approved medical marijuana, so you need to be pretty sure that you choose a location which has legalised medical marijuana.


Understanding Medical Miracles to Support Legalization of Marijuana

While the entire world is busy debating over the medical properties of cannabis, or researching the various medical aspects of this medical drug, there are other people who are experiencing some real miracles with the use of marijuana. This makes it important to focus on such real stories just to build a rock solid case in order to support legalization of marijuana worldwide.

According to a recent report, a 9-year-old young suffered from a serious medical condition known as Dravet’s Syndrome, a rare and catastrophic form of Epilepsy. This unusual medical syndrome is believed to leave the patients suffer hundreds of drop seizures per day. It’s quite a sudden thing and often catches people by surprise. After proper medical examination and observation, the patient was given three drops a day of cannabis extract. The results were surprising and shocking as well. The girl has gone seizure free for the first day in several years.

The effects started going far beyond simply quelling seizures and this was just amazing. The very first conclusion from this is that cannabis certainly holds significant medical value. Sharing more of such cases publically will help in removing the red tape concerning cannabis research. This will surely shift the debate in favour of legalizing cannabis, and for all good reasons.


Medical Marijuana Advocates in Iowa Take Cause to Presidential Race

In Iowa, the supporters of legal cannabis for medical use are taking their cause to the 2016 presidential race. The advocacy group Iowans 4 Medical Cannabis made an official announcement on Tuesday, September 15 that it has developed a questionnaire and this will be sent to all the presidential candidates in the next few weeks. The group has already strived to directly reach out to the campaigns and the candidates when they visited Iowa.


Marijuana Tourism: A Popular and Budding Business

As recreational use of marijuana is now legal in states of Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Alaska and the District of Columbia, the tourist interest in all these cities has increased significantly. Moreover, cannabis has been legalized for medicinal use in 23 states and the District of Columbia, and all those states where it is legal to buy and consume cannabis without a medical license are topping the travel itineraries of travelers. The data was collected from popular holiday booking websites and the new industries which are seeking to serve those travelers. The entrepreneurs increasingly see an opportunity to grow a new offshoot of the travel industry with such a creative and off-beat idea.


Medical Cannabis Industry Fuels Natural Pest Control Business

The Health Canada regulations have limited the use of chemical pesticides on medical marijuana as an initiative to make sure the plants are safe for consumption. This is being seen as a progressive step for the medical cannabis industry. Researchers believe that there has been a lot of growth in demand since the start of the cannabis industry as it being seen as a new alternative to the harmful chemicals. There are a plethora of pests including fungus gnats, shore flies, thrips and spider mites that can feed on cannabis crops. Moreover, in long run producers who use this strategy could end up saving money and enhance the crop quality.


First Ever Medical Marijuana Dispensary License Issued by Illinois

A popular facility in Marion, Illinois, has successfully become the state’s first officially-licensed medical marijuana dispensary. Located at Harbory, at 8195 Express Drive in Marion, the licensed medical cannabis dispensary has the sole right to supply all cannabis related products. This dispensary will be receiving medical cannabis exclusively from Illinois’ licensed growing facilities once they come into being. The medical cannabis dispensaries continue to be registered on a rolling basis in the state. However, the government has given clear instructions that all such dispensaries must be registered with the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation in order to dispense medical cannabis. Also, the dispensaries must have a business registration and the employees working there should be licensed separately.


Top Two Digital Health Trends in Medical Marijuana Industry

The medical marijuana market is growing significantly so are its revenues which are completely being fuelled by both sales in existing states and as well as legalization in other markets. According to a recent study, over 1.35 million patients presently use medical marijuana legally under state laws. The figure is however expected to rise drastically in years to come. Alike every other patient group, medical cannabis patients too have the special prerogative of digital technology which is sure to fuel their quest for better healthcare.

Below are two most prominent digital health trends in medical marijuana industry.

Globalized Innovation

A plethora of start-ups are striving to develop new and advanced solutions in medical marijuana for the convenience of patients. Canada, Chile and Israel remain the leading nations in medical cannabis research and giving it a global image. This way they are even attracting doctors from various parts of the world to treat patients.

Customized Medication

As per reports, last year genomic companies raised over $632 million while diagnostics companies raised $962 million, which is a significant difference. With the latest methods involving quantifying, extracting, delivering, and measuring the actual effect of medical marijuana, the doctors will now certainly have better opportunities to define the personalized medical marijuana treatment.


Compelling Tips on Selecting a Marijuana Consultant

As cannabis consulting business continues to gain traction, entrepreneurs have started looking for better avenues to get operational help and options to boost the value of their cultivation business. However, finding a reliable consultancy firm can be a challenge, especially for those who don’t have relevant experience of the industry. As the marijuana industry is expanding in leaps and bounds, it’s important for entrepreneurs to select a firm that can successfully apply its knowledge and experience to optimize their cultivation.

So, what are the ways businesses should follow to find the best consultant? Here are some tips for the same:

  • Before closing the deal with a firm, it is always beneficial to speak with their previous clients and their relation with each of them. For better results, you can speak with some of their previous clients over the phone and know about the quality of service offered by the firm.
  • While selecting a cannabis consulting firm, make sure that their services must add value to your business. The firm must possess a team of experts who have the right knowledge of the industry and everything that is related to it.
  • Consider niche consultants while selecting a cannabis firm. The vast nature of the cannabis industry has opened up various segments dealing with specific businesses and industries. You need to select a firm that is able to offer you the help you need. It’s a nice way to go ahead with your work efficiently.

Choosing a consultancy firm is a big decision, so make sure you choose the one that helps you make headways in the cannabis market with much efficiency and diligence.


North Carolina Legalizes Medical Marijuana Extracts

In North Carolina parents seem excited to get their children treated with some form of marijuana extracts. The main focus is on the treatment of epilepsy, the credit goes to the state government. However, the government will make sure that it is only legally used by both parents and medical marijuana producers. The state governor Pat McCrory signed HB 766 to make the announcements clear. According to the law, producers are free to make use of CBD oil (cannabis oil) to produce medicines for children suffering from epilepsy. These oils should contain a low quantity of THC or any other sort of ingredient that affects the user in a negative way.

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