The growth and expansion of the global marijuana industry might have become a bit slow, but that is surely not stopping the millions of investor dollars revolving around the sector. Many marijuana experts have forecasted that legal marijuana sales could hit eight billion dollars by the end of year 2019.

Many of the states are mentioned for their regular struggles with regulating the cannabis industry that has resulted in the closings of many dispensaries worldwide. Many states ware even noted for their delays in instituting their medical marijuana programs and reforms in front of the governing authorities. The strategy for the investment firms is to get in early in the market and establish themselves as the experts in the field so that they can attain a strong foothold in the market.

All of the investment money that is chasing small businesses is reminiscent of the modern era and even the current industry mood where start-ups are looking for funding. Most of the investor groups are completely focused on the viability and future of their companies. As per experts, there are some excellent investment opportunities, but all it will take is time to find them. The financiers are even pulling in big money and scouring the field for good investments.