Growing marijuana indoors has its set of benefits. When thriving in a covered facility, your plants are safe from the extremities of weather and changes in temperature.

To maximize the utility of growing space, it is desirable to grow bushy marijuana plants. This can be achieved by reducing the distance between nodes and promoting lateral growth. The distance between the nodes basically implies the distance between the base of the leaf stems on the plant. The bigger the distance between the leaves, the more trim and frail a plant will look. And you will not want frail plants.

A cannabis plant that grown to be tall and thin may not be able to support the heavy buds that you need to have as per your production plans. You will need to spend more efforts on supporting a thin plant or else you may lose buds if the stems break. Furthermore, a stretched plant can start growing too close towards the grow lights installed near them. This can lead to other problems – for instance, the extreme exposure can burn the top of plants and the leaves at the lower end will get less of light. Such problems tend to damage the health of cannabis plant, and that implies a poor yield.

Using the right approach to make your plants bushy is important from the earliest stage. But if you are already facing the problem of stretched plants, it is advisable to carefully prune them. Seeking the help of medical marijuana business consulting professionals is good to get fruitful results.