While the debate over the legalization of medical marijuana is heating up across the global boundaries, several patients have found a sustainable way to cure their chronic pain. As per a Canadian research team, three puffs a day of cannabis can help people with chronic nerve pain and is also found to make the surgeries a lot less painful.

Public opinion over the usage of marijuana is sharply divided. While some consider it unfit and uncompassionate to use it for the medicinal purposes, others have been vigorously substituting the main stream medication with this potent herb to aid their healing process. Vaporized marijuana has been used to ease the HIV patients from pain. Legal medical marijuana has been reported to reduce pain in people suffering from spinal cord and other similar conditions. Pot’s Champions swear it peels back layers of intense pain which is otherwise incurable or take much time. An ultimate solution, vaporized marijuana has been seen as the perfect agent to cure the different levels of neuropathic pain, irrespective of the causes. Although there are cases where the patients prefer to smoke the ingredient, the vaporized one is regarded to be safest for the medicinal purposes.

Several countries have been joining the drive to legalize marijuana for the medical purposes which is paving path for greater use of the drug to aid patients in their healing journey.