Legalization of Cannabis has given rise to the farming of organic Cannabis at a large scale. Many small-scale investors have started investing in Cannabis cultivation majorly for medical usage.

One of the major concern of the commercial farmers is that organic cultivation will not provide the desirable yield. However, this is not necessarily the case—and in fact, if all conditions are optimum, you may be able to achieve higher yields than if using conventional methods.

Catalyst and fertilizers can spice up the yield

With the help of commercially available catalysts and advanced fertilizers and additives, a lot of improvement can be made in the yield of the product.


One major new innovation in organic growing is the development of “super-soil”—a growing medium that has been painstakingly tweaked in order to contain exactly what cannabis needs to grow in abundance, without the need for fertiliser. With this method, you can give your plants nothing but water and achieve incredible results.

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