No surprise, 2015 was a pretty amazing year for progress and development in the legalization of medical marijuana. A plethora of states globally have already legalized recreational marijuana, while many states have decriminalized it and several more states plan to approve medical marijuana. However, of all the advances made in the year 2015, the year is believed to be a run up for 2016. this very year, the presidential elections are also expected to be accompanied by a ramp up in legalization.

There is a comprehensive debate on the legalization of medical marijuana and for all good reasons. In many of the states, this would also allow states to legalize the medical marijuana without federal interference which at times restrict the legalisation process. It is also imprtant to eliminate the numerous barriers to research and allow organizations to deal with marijuana cultivation  companies. People do believe and expect that the support will continue to grow for the various authorities. Access to medical marijuana and banking for the medical marijuana businesses must be taken into note.

When it comes to legalizing of maerijuana, more and more people are moving towards its support so that the people in need can be benefited. No matter, the whole process is a complex tast and will take a lot of time.