Public weighs in on new Minnesota medical marijuana program at Moorhead meeting

On Tuesday, September 15, the focus from the public at the Minnesota Department of Health Office of Medical Cannabis meeting was on the Moorhead dispensary. Opening up the program to more conditions was also a topic of discussion. And the community got its say for medical marijuana in Minnesota. One of the eight dispensaries will now be located in Moorhead. All dispensaries need to be opened by July 2016.


Legislators in California Pass Medical Cannabis Regulation

To regulate the state’s medical marijuana industry for the first time since it started under the 1966 Compassionate Use Act, California legislators have passed a package of bills. Under this package, patients will need a doctor’s recommendation for legal purchase of medicinal marijuana but will have access to quality products from accredited stores.


Medical Marijuana Advocates in Iowa Take Cause to Presidential Race

In Iowa, the supporters of legal cannabis for medical use are taking their cause to the 2016 presidential race. The advocacy group Iowans 4 Medical Cannabis made an official announcement on Tuesday, September 15 that it has developed a questionnaire and this will be sent to all the presidential candidates in the next few weeks. The group has already strived to directly reach out to the campaigns and the candidates when they visited Iowa.


Marijuana Tourism: A Popular and Budding Business

As recreational use of marijuana is now legal in states of Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Alaska and the District of Columbia, the tourist interest in all these cities has increased significantly. Moreover, cannabis has been legalized for medicinal use in 23 states and the District of Columbia, and all those states where it is legal to buy and consume cannabis without a medical license are topping the travel itineraries of travelers. The data was collected from popular holiday booking websites and the new industries which are seeking to serve those travelers. The entrepreneurs increasingly see an opportunity to grow a new offshoot of the travel industry with such a creative and off-beat idea.


Medical Cannabis Industry Fuels Natural Pest Control Business

The Health Canada regulations have limited the use of chemical pesticides on medical marijuana as an initiative to make sure the plants are safe for consumption. This is being seen as a progressive step for the medical cannabis industry. Researchers believe that there has been a lot of growth in demand since the start of the cannabis industry as it being seen as a new alternative to the harmful chemicals. There are a plethora of pests including fungus gnats, shore flies, thrips and spider mites that can feed on cannabis crops. Moreover, in long run producers who use this strategy could end up saving money and enhance the crop quality.


First Ever Medical Marijuana Dispensary License Issued by Illinois

A popular facility in Marion, Illinois, has successfully become the state’s first officially-licensed medical marijuana dispensary. Located at Harbory, at 8195 Express Drive in Marion, the licensed medical cannabis dispensary has the sole right to supply all cannabis related products. This dispensary will be receiving medical cannabis exclusively from Illinois’ licensed growing facilities once they come into being. The medical cannabis dispensaries continue to be registered on a rolling basis in the state. However, the government has given clear instructions that all such dispensaries must be registered with the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation in order to dispense medical cannabis. Also, the dispensaries must have a business registration and the employees working there should be licensed separately.


North Carolina Legalizes Medical Marijuana Extracts

In North Carolina parents seem excited to get their children treated with some form of marijuana extracts. The main focus is on the treatment of epilepsy, the credit goes to the state government. However, the government will make sure that it is only legally used by both parents and medical marijuana producers. The state governor Pat McCrory signed HB 766 to make the announcements clear. According to the law, producers are free to make use of CBD oil (cannabis oil) to produce medicines for children suffering from epilepsy. These oils should contain a low quantity of THC or any other sort of ingredient that affects the user in a negative way.


Canadian Producers of Medical Marijuana Look for More International Business

As marijuana industry is at its peak in Canada, the medical marijuana producers are filled with hope and aspirations to tap international market. There is a strong competition within the industry.  With cannabis business moving across boundaries and oceans, cannabis producers are all set to make the most out of this opportunity and establishing new businesses in other countries. According to analysts, the increasing strictness and quality control measures adopted by Health Canada have made exporting and producing of marijuana subject to legal and cost prohibitions. These measures have compelled many medical producers to set up new corporate entities while utilizing full potential of their knowledge.

The benefits of such expansion can be seen in the form of huge scale of production at new locations, economies of scale, and better expansion plans.


Health Canada Allows Cannabis Producers to Sell Cannabis Oil

Health Canada has allowed licensed medical marijuana producers to deal in cannabis oil. Apart from this, producers can also produce and sell fresh marijuana buds and leaves along with the dry medicine. . These leaves are quite useful to produce edible products for patients .

The new guidelines declared by the government can be seen as a step to ensure an ethical and legal use of marijuana. The government wants to develop a lawful access to marijuana consumed by patients and thus ensuring safety and health in the country. The news benefits various medical cannabis producers as they can easily uplift the diversity of their business and seek new avenues to offer unflavoured oil to patients.


Ottawa gets its first center for medical cannabis

Good news for those who were waiting for access to medicinal marijuana in Ottawa. The first center in the city is now open. It is located in the Hintonburg neighborhood and is owned by National Access Cannabis, a company that also educates and guides people for use of medical marijuana. It further provides physician and pharmacist support for legal access to Health Canada’s Medical Marijuana program.

Members who want to use this service get linked to a doctor for medical evaluation and NAC will assist them in choosing a licensed producer and submitting the necessary Health Canada medical documents.

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