Helping you get a valid license and ensuring compliance of your operations are major services that we offer as your marijuana business consultant. Kaya Technologies helps its clients prepare successful license applications for cannabis cultivation in Canada and the U.S. Having worked in regulated markets and with a network of legal experts in our team, we can guide you all through the licensing process. Our experts are there to help clients navigate through all parts of an application and optimize every piece of information submitted. We understand that any legal work can seem daunting and this is why our job is to make things truly stress-free and convenient for you.

After helping you procure a license for your operations, we will help you to meet all control & reporting requirements. We make it simpler for you to follow the strict security standards and satisfactorily undergo inspections or audits. As a client of Kaya Technologies, you can consistently work for growth in marijuana production while staying legal and fully compliant.