Marijuana Consulting Services

At Kaya Technologies, we work with businesses that are focused on the progress of medical marijuana industry, as against those who work solely for profit motive. We aim to be a part of the transformation that sweeps this domain.

Our team will help your business to achieve its goals while adhering by the laws that govern the marijuana or cannabis trade at different levels. With rich experience in controlled marijuana cultivation backed by achievements in ancillary domains, we have the information and assets that are critical for growth of medical cannabis business. As your marijuana consultants we will provide comprehensive training for the production and delivery system management of this drug.

Historically, the shifting landscape of marijuana laws in Canada had left a concoction of misconceptions and confusions. But as the legalization of this drug now sweeps across states, its value for healthcare is being increasingly acknowledged.

The consulting services offered by Kaya Technologies include:

Opportunity Analysis

Dealing with uncertainties of market is a major challenge for any business. At Kaya Technologies we have a team of business opportunity assessment experts who follow a disciplined and customised approach to analyse prospects for your marijuana business. They work closely with you to help you identify the best opportunities for success and growth. The outcome is a high-level plan that will significantly boost performance.

With their rich experience, our network of cannabis industry professionals provides you exceptional guidance in support of your vital initiatives. The real world analytical skills and efficient strategic plans that you need to implement for your marijuana business come in form of tailored solutions at Kaya Technologies. We will give you the security and confidence that you need to go ahead with your plans. What’s more, we have opportunity analysis solutions for start-ups as also the existing businesses that plan to expand their operations.

Facility Design and Implementation

Based on our proprietary state-of-the-art technology, we help our clients in designing and implementing productive indoor cannabis cultivation facilities. Our years of experience and knowledge of the marijuana industry help us create optimum growth rooms for your crops and make them reach their full potential.

After locating ideal space and surrounding area for your cultivation, we will work with you to implement an innovative crop growing facility. Kaya Technologies directs architectural and mechanical design while also sourcing the best equipment needed for successful indoor cannabis cultivation. We will go over various system alternatives to determine what works best in your specific situation. This is based on the compliance requirements for your license as also the industry best practices.
Let us help you design the perfect cultivation facility for your business. Our team implements proven solutions that maximize product yield, quality and of course your profits.

Cultivation Facility Optimization

The team of cannabis experts at Kaya Technologies works dedicatedly to help clients optimize their cannabis cultivation operations by increasing both quality and yield.

There are multiple options in the industry today and new technologies for cannabis cultivation do emerge fast. When you have Kaya Technologies as your consultants, it is our job to help you stay up-to-date and apply the best techniques for indoor marijuana cultivation. We have our own team of researchers to test and apply the best of tactics for maximum cannabis output and quality. You will get thorough guidance on lighting, irrigation, ventilation and climate control to facilitate vigorous plant growth.
From equipment and media selection to nutrient profile solutions and process innovation, our specialists will help you take all practical steps for optimal crop yield and product excellence. With our wealth of experience you can optimize your cultivation facility and make it exceed your business goals.

Compliance and Licensing

Helping you get a valid license and ensuring compliance of your operations are major services that we offer as your marijuana business consultant. Kaya Technologies helps its clients prepare successful license applications for cannabis cultivation in Canada and the U.S. Having worked in regulated markets and with a network of legal experts in our team, we can guide you all through the licensing process. Our experts are there to help clients navigate through all parts of an application and optimize every piece of information submitted. We understand that any legal work can seem daunting and this is why our job is to make things truly stress-free and convenient for you.

After helping you procure a license for your operations, we will help you to meet all control & reporting requirements. We make it simpler for you to follow the strict security standards and satisfactorily undergo inspections or audits. As a client of Kaya Technologies, you can consistently work for growth in marijuana production while staying legal and fully compliant.

To know more about Kaya’s cannabis business consulting services and for bespoke plans, do call us on 1-800-862-9390